TX2 Ethernet PHY questions

Hello all,

In the OEM design guide it is noted that the Broadcom ‘BCM54610C1ILMG’ ethernet PHY is beeing used. This part number can’t even be found on Broadcom’s own website, but according to this topic it is comparable to the BCM89610. However, for both devices there are no implementation guides/datasheet freely available.

I’m looking for information regarding the 3 LED signals the TX2 module provides (ACT/100/1000). How should these be connected? Are they sinks to ground or can they also source 3V3? Especially regarding the 100/1000 signals, usually you have a bidirectional LED inside the connector for indicating link speed, which determines color regarding the direction of current flow. How should it then be connected, and what voltage will these pins source (regarding dropping resistors for LEDs)?

Also, because there is no datasheet available of the PHY, what (integrated) magnetics should be used or are tested and found working with this PHY? Looking at Nvidia’s own carrier board schematics I’ve selected an similar integrated magnetics connector, but I would like to verify it.

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Hi, please check this topic for LEDs usage: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1025850/tx2-gbe-led-operation/

Magnetics M3295NL is on carrier board, suggest to use it for your own design as others are not validated on Jetson.