TX2 Fails to Power ON (Suspected CPU Issue)

Hello everyone,

Customer service told me to post in here.

So I was navigating the filesystem and the TX2 board randomly shut off. The board was on surge protection so that was not the cause. I attempted to boot the board again and it fails to boot. This board was previously working fine for several months. We are also using the TX2 carrier board (B04) and the provided supply.

The CR5 led is active when the board is powered but the CR2 led fails to activate when the power button is pressed. The fan does not spin up on boot. The mechanical power button is functional, all the regulators are functional but they are not receiving a power good signal. We have tested the board and there appears to be no other points of failure other than the CPU.

We believe the issue is related to the CPU itself but if anyone has resolved a similar issue or has any advice has to how to proceed it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, CR2 is off means module doesn’t send out CARRIER_PWR_ON to power on carrier board. You can probe all related signals in power on sequence figure in OEM DG to locate which signal might cause this failure.

Hi Trumany,

We have tested all the related signals in the power sequence. The CPU fails to detect the edge toggle from the power button. Because it fails to detect this it fails to send out the Carrier_PWR_ON. We have tried leaving the CPU powered down for 24 hours to allow the real time clock to possibly reset itself however, that was unsuccessful.

how do you know when you press the button the CPU fail to goggle it ? do you measure the power button pin power level at this ? do you confirm the power button signal with scope ? if there is a pulse on the power button signal ?

Hi Rita,

We know that the CPU fails to toggle because before the power button is pressed the rail is high. Once the button is pressed the rail toggles low. This was all confirmed with a scope. We were able to follow the trace all the way to the CPU but the CPU is black boxed on the schematics so we could not tell what was happening afterwards.

We were manually able to power the all the rails and the rest of the board powers on and appears to work. That indicates to us that the carrier board itself is fine but that the issue is confined to a CPU.

Customer service indicated that we should post here because we are hoping to get possibly a refund or a replacement CPU sent to us. What steps should be taken to move forward on the warranty process?

if you want replacement the CPU, You need contact your channel where you buy. the platform is for customer technology forum.