(TX2) firm ware and drive

Jetson TX2 can’t be read when it is connected to the computer,who now this?

Read how? If you are talking about the micro-USB, then this is not how micro-USB works. In the case of a micro-B USB cable a detect pin tells the Jetson to go to device mode, but it is up to people writing software for various systems how the virtual USB device behaves.

Yes,Thank you. I’m talking about the micro-USB connection, but long press Recovery, then press Reset, TX2 can’t enter Recovery mode, so it can’t be recognized by computer.

Recovery mode never shows as a disk drive. All this does is put the Jetson in a mode which is understood by a custom driver (conveniently known as the “driver package”). If the Jetson is in recovery mode, then the host PC will see the Jetson (via the micro-B USB cable) via “lsusb -d 0955:7c18”. If that shows something, then the Jetson is there and available for flash or other recovery mode operations (such as clone). In no case will this show up as a disk. Does anything show up with the lsusb command?

If you are using a VM, then know that the reason VMs are not supported is because it can take a lot of work to get USB to correctly pass through from host to VM. The USB will disconnect and reconnect during use of the driver package, and typically a VM loses the USB and fails to reacquire as USB shows up again. People do get VMs to work, but it takes effort. Are you using a VM?

If you use a cable other than that provided, such as from a cell phone charger (or any charger), then many of those cables do not work well with data. Are you using the original cable?

Thank you!I am using a VM.When I burned the program to TX2, it showed that the development board could not be found.

The VM is at fault for this, and is not supported. This doesn’t mean you can’t get it to work, but you have to understand that USB cuts in and out during the flash. If the VM doesn’t have complete ownerhip of the USB, then the VM will lose USB during the flash. Make sure the host never interecepts or takes ownership of the device.

Yes!This problem has been solved since I installed Ubuntu on my computer.Thank you!