Tx2 flash issue between fab=D01 and fab=D02

I’m using l4t-r32.2 based image for jetson tx2. When I attempt to flash this image for fab=D02 tx2, the flash process stucks in the middle. Note I’m using doflash.sh script.

I want to flash the same image to flash tx2 fab=D02 jetson. I took BCT config file P3310_A00_8GB_lpddr4_A02_l4t.cfg from l4t-r32.4.3 and the flash seems to be working. By the way looking at the PCN doc from here, I see that there is some changes in the BPMP device tree. My question is that how critical the change I made? If I take newer BPMP device tree, should I have to update BPMP firmware as well?

Note that I don’t want to fetch entire Jetson Driver Package, the idea is to flash fab=D02 jetsons using l4t-r32.2

This is due to the jetson TX2 PCN. Please check above document.


Thanks for your answer. The question is how to flash fab=D02 jetsons using ` l4t-r32.2. I don’t want to fetch newer Jetson Driver Package.

I cannot provide help here. Since there is new release supporting the PCN, we would suggest upgrade the release version.