TX2 Flashing problem

I received 3 new TX2 boards and tried to flash them using Ubuntu 16.04 computer and Evaluation board carrier with L4T 28.2.1.
the command is
sudo ./flash.sh jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1
The flashing is stucked with last message " cpu bootloader is not running on device". I change the new board to the older one with the same cable, same USB port and the same evaluation board and flash it without problem.
I compare old and new board. There is a difference in last part of part number. Old board part number ends “B2” and new board ends “D2”. So I do the same thing for old and new board and receive different results. Where could be a problem?

hello shlafer.alex,

please put your device to enter forced-recovery mode and check the device-id.
for example, $ lsusb, it’ll show digit number that represents the type of Jetson module.

Hi, I test the lsusb on new and old board. I receive the same ID in recovery mode
0955:7c18. Any other ideas?

hello shlafer.alex,

please check this, Jetson TX2 PCN 204840 Multiple Changes, Any Jetson TX2 module with 699 level part number version greater than or equal to D00 may be affected by this PCN.

I found pcn ctiu-00030 about changing dram and emmc. According to this pcn I have to migrate to the newest version of jetpack.
It is very big problem. I need to update customers about change and make all tests in my site and in customer site from beginning. This will also delay product delivery. Is there any patch, that allow me to stay in jetpack 3. 2.1?


There is a pcn overlay in this link.

Thank you for the link. Is this patch can work on Connecttech Elroy carrier?

We cannot answer. We don’t know anything about 3rdparty custom board.

Theorecitally it should work.

Hi @shlafer.alex,
Have you contacted our Tech Team? If you fill out our Support Form, our team will help you troubleshoot and get you up and running.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi Kara, I Wrote email to Carter Nobel

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