TX2 GBE Compatibile Connector (With Integrated Magnetics)


I’m developing a custom carrier board to be used with Jetson Tx2 Module, I have a question about ethernet transformers.
The ethernet connector choosen for my design is a Wurth 7497110616 RJ45 connector with embedded magnetic transformer for whom I posted the schematic as attachment. I would like to know if this part is compatibile with the PHY on the Jetson TX2. The Jetson TX2 module integrate a BC54610 Ethernet PHY. The datasheet of this part is not available since this component is under NDA. I’ve asked BROADCOM support but they keep ignoring me. I notice that in the p2597_b04 board, the transformer is wired with the center taps connected toghether and shunted to ground with a single 10 nF capacitor (this connection has been modified in the OEM guide p39, here there’s a 10 nF capacitor on every single center tap), my topology would be basically the same as the p2597_b04 board but I have a single 100nF from every center taps to ground (with center taps wired toghether). Could I use the topology in the schematic I attached (with pin 1 open and the center taps connected to gnd via 100nF caps?)?


Hi, you should follow the reference design of device you choose.