TX2 GBE LEDs - incorrect behaviour

I am trying to get the GBE_LINK_ACT output from the Jetson module to do something sensible, I have read other topics but I cannot find a resolution to this.

Ultimately, I have hardware that needs to performs the following function:


It seems that the signal GBE_LINK1000 is providing the activity indication instead of GBE_LINK_ACT.

I am stuck in the past using L4T 28.2.1 right now, but I have not seen anything in other posts that indicate changing to a later version will fix the problem.

Please refer to these topics:

Hi Trumany,

I have seen those topics before and tried the suggestions but they were not helpful. The closest I have got to getting the activity LED working is the patch described here:

The activity LED does operate as expected except that the LED is continuously lit when there is no connection. The other pair of LEDs that are normally used to indicate link speed do not illuminate at all, either with 100BaseT or 1000BaseT connection.

I think having the Broadcom document is the crux to solving this. Is it possible to somehow retrieve this via this forum?

Many thanks,


We won’t and cannot provide Broadcom datasheet on forum. Please contact them for this info.

Also, the LED pattern is a fixed one by them. If you read the datasheet, you should find out what I am talking about.

When you enable “LOM-LED” mode, then only 2 LED could light up.
If you disable LOD-LED mode, then it will support 3 LEDs but only one pattern.

The datasheet will tell you the pattern.