Tx2 gbE Setting??

We have now connected our laptop & Tx2-SDK to a 100Mbps switch-hub ethernet port.
Notebook’s Ethernet works well, while Tx2-SDK’s Ethernet does not work well.
Is the Tx2 Gigabit Ethernet ic setting set to 100mbps/1gbps Auto detection? Or is it fixed at 1 gbps?

By default it is auto detect (mine just goes to 1Gb without any intervention). The port is configured to ask a DHCP server for its address. I have not tried with IPv6, but I’ve heard this can be problematic if your DHCP server isn’t IPv4. Are you able to see your router’s response to a DHCP request?

Our dhcp server is IPv4, and the network status is Not Connected at the upper right corner of the Ubuntu Desktop screen before the process of DHCP request <-> response occurs. So I am only using 4-lanes at 100mbps among 1gbps 8-lanes, and I asked if this is auto detection in Tx2.

If you are referring to hardware showing not connected (the PHY), then there is probably a hardware failure. If it is just software which hasn’t set up a connection, then it is probably a purely software configuration issue.

I will suggest that if you have the Jetson turned off, and the ethernet cable connected, boot it up and then post the content of “dmesg” here. Example:

dmesg | dmesg_log.txt

You can attach the log to an existing post and not to a post you are currently creating. Hover your mouse over the quote icon in the upper right of your post and a paper clip icon should show up…this will attach to that post.

Don’t know about custom designs, but the dmesg would still be requested by anyone with that knowledge.