TX2 got two partition after jetpack re-flash. How can I get fix it?

Hello, I’m using TX2. My problem is tx2’s disk is separted into two spaces.
Befroe re-flashing, there is only two disks L4T-README and Computer(It will be called disk A).
However, due to some reasons, I have to re-flash jetpack.
After re-flash, instead of formatting disk A, I get three disk; Computer(newly installed by jetpack. It will be called disk B) , pervioiusly installed file(disk A), and L4T-README.
Disk B is on / and Disk A is on /media/nvidia now.
I want to go back original state, so I want to flash disk B and disk A as main storage and combine them.
What should I do?

In gparted, disk A is on /dev/sda, disk B is on /dev/mmcblk0
disk A is 225GB, disk B is 30GB…

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Not sure what external stroage you connected. the easy way is to reformating the disk before you reflash it.

Are all of the partitions you are seeing observed from the Jetson itself? What do you see from:
lsblk -f | egrep -i '(vfat|ext)'

Note that there is either a small file (loopback covered) or small partition (depending on release) which is a demo for device mode, and that although you could delete this, it is somewhat trivial in size.

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