TX2 has no screen after power on

After booting, it will enter the NVIDIA screen, and then the screen will be black.And if it want to enter the restart mode, because there is no screen output, it can not be swiped.

if it want to enter the restart mode

What is “restart mode”?

Force Recovery Mode

I don’t get what you want to ask here…

When device in force recovery mode, it is just like a brick with no OS running so there is no screen. It is not an error or bug.

I mean that.even if it enter into Force Recovery Mode,when I want to install jetpack from my host,the screen still is black.(sorry for my English is not good enough to explain)

Yes, the monitor will be blanked until the OS flashed from your host is done.

If you cannot see anything after flash, dump the uart log for us to check.

it can work several days ago,but yesterday the screen suddenly became black.when i restart,after the animation which shows ‘NVIDIA’,it become black again.And where can I dump the uart log?It cant show anything on the screen.


thank you very much