TX2 HDMI display

Tx2 has two HDMI outputs, one is HDMI-0 and the other is HDMI-1. Then the default HDMI of the system is HDMI-0. How to make the system output to HDMI-1 by default?

What is your definition of “default monitor”?

System default image display output.In TX2, the default display output is HDMI-0. Now we want the system’s display output to be HDMI-1.How to configure to adjust the display output of the system to HDMI-1?

Your definition of default screen is the primary monitor from X11, right?

yes,primary monitor from X11

If you want to change the default output from X, please try

xrandr --output HDMI-1 --primary 

thank you

did you resolve the problem that changing HDMI-0 to HDMI-1? i tryied ”xrandr --output HDMI-1 --primary”,it tells “warning: output HDMI-1 not found; ignoring”.

Do you have HDMI-1 in your xrandr list? If there is not, then it if of course not going to work…

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Our platform base on tx2 with dual HDMI output. And we use fix edid code and set "use_fallback = true "in edid.c.
Does tx2 two HDMI support different resolution like HDMI0 1920x1080@60fps and HDMI1 1024x768@60fps according to edit edid code?