Tx2 HDMI Issue - Unable to connect monitor after disconnecting.

Hi Folks,

I am looking to boot up our Tx2 board. It boots up, and I see the screen on an HDMI monitor. I am sharing the monitor between my computer (host / ubuntu machine) and Tx2. When I connect/switch monitor from Tx2 to my computer, and then try to connect it back to Tx2, the HMDI monitor would not connect back to Tx2.

I am able to ssh into Tx2 from computer. Thus I know that Tx2 is alive.

Upon some looking around I see that this has been discussed few time before




It seems I need to modify hdmi2.0.c in kernel, and recompile it. I am wondering if this issue has been summarized somewhere with few simple steps enlisted as remedy ? I am unable to fathom what next steps should be ? Can I get by with simple reinstallation of hdmi driver, or patch from nvidia ?


The first URL you listed possibly applies, the others are for a TX1. Although concepts of EDID and hotplug are the same on a TX1 I suspect only the kernel patch of the TX2 URL would be valid (the TX1 has some similar hardware, but the kernel series is a complete generation older). Have you tried that first URL’s patch?

If you’ve never cross-compiled a kernel here is a URL you may find of interest:

Hi Linuxdev

Thanks for your suggestion/pointer.

I am trying to stay away from compiling kernel in interest of time. For now we are managing with simple boot-up-time-hdmi connection. I will come back and update.


One note to encourage experimentation with kernel compiles: Installing new kernels (or modules) is a file copy, not a flash. If you use a serial console you can even define different boot entries at boot time and leave the default while having different test scenarios.