TX2 HDMI monitor Image tearing in Framebuffer mode.

Hello all,

How to solve the problem of image tearing. Tx2 r28.1

Please elaborate more about your case. It is not clear to know “Framebuffer mode” here.
Do you mean you open /dev/fb0 and write something directly?

yes, WayneWWW

Open /dev/fb0 and write 1080p RGB video frame @30fps.

When the angle of the camera changes constantly, I can see the obvious tearing images display.

Hi suchb,

Do you call FBIO_WAITFORVSYNC ioctl after drawing one frame?

In fact, we don’t suggest users to use such interface directly. You can try to use our MMAPI sample from jetpack which guarantees non-tearing.

It is also compatible with usb or csi camera.

Thank you WayneWWW,

FBIO_WAITFORVSYNC looks like no effect.

Please tell me where MMAPI is.

Many thanks.


MMAPI sample can be downloaded by jetpack.

Hello WayneWWW,

MMAPI means tegra_multimedia_api/samples?

Could you tell me which sample can replace FB interface?

Yes, that is mmapi sample.

Those samples with EGLrenderer in use are all able to render frames to display.