Tx2 Higher-res Snapshots with USB cameras


So far I’ve seen a few methods to taking snapshots: the one everyone seems to point to is nvgtscapture.

I have a USB camera and by setting:

nvgstcapture --camsrc=0/1/2/3 etc

I can change the camera correctly.

I have also seen someone do this:

nvgstcapture --camsrc=0 --image-res=12

Which does indeed change the filesize. However when I play with the --image-res settings e.g. = 5, I’m not sure the quality is really better.

Reading into the FAQ I’ve seen nvgtscapture state that they only support VGA (640x480) res for USB cameras, so I’m not sure I’m really making better quality by passing that image-res command.

Is there anyway to take snapshots using gstreamer or anything else which may allow higher resolutions for USB cameras?

I haven’t seen anyone do it…



Hi Fred,
We suggest you try tegra_multimedia_api and refer to 09_camera_jpeg_capture, 12_camera_v4l2_cuda

Please also refer to