tx2 in car not booting: cr5 (VDD_IN_LED) lights up

I’m connecting a tx2 over a HAMA regulated switching power DC/DC Converter (12V, 2000mA) to a 12V plug in the car. The VDD_IN_LED lights up, but the device does not boot.


  1. Do I need a power converter with a higher current? e.g. rated 90W
  2. Any suggestions proved to work?
  3. Would a simple USB to barrel plug 5 x 2.5 work as well?

link to power converter:

Beware that the Jetson is sensitive to voltage fluctuation right at the moment of starting. If your barrel connector is not correct, or if too small of a gauge of wire is used, or if for any reason the initial current spike isn’t well handled, then it won’t boot.

As an illustration, if you look here at barrel connectors you’ll notice there is a column called “Actual Diameter”. All of those barrel connectors will be displayed the same on packaging (“inner diameter” shows the same even though “actual diameter” differs), and yet the inner diameter, if mismatched, could add resistance and stop boot:

I don’t know if it is actually correct, but the ones I’ve used in the past are the larger 2.5mm actual inner diameter.

I would suggest to start testing by adding a large capacitor right next to the barrel connector…at least several thousand uF. If that works, then it might be the initial current spike wasn’t well handled. If it didn’t work, then try a different connector like the 2.5mm “actual” inner diameter.

This power supply solved my problem and boots up the tx2.