TX2 intel iwlwifi module installation.

The current default TX2 kernel release (4.4.38-tegra) does not install intel iwlwifi module.
How to install or build it from kernel source?I review the kernel source and found that there is iwlwifi driver code.
Should I build it and install this module, just like “sudo make modules” and " sudo make modules_install?"


You might find this of interest (it centers specifically on the Intel 7260 of a TK1):

There was a much longer thread which went into more detail, but it started under the (outdated) Grinch kernel…and ended up in a different thread because the driver was actually there in recent releases, and the real issue was missing firmware. Under the TX2 you would still need the same kernel features and firmware, though you’d be compiling from a different kernel (I have not looked to see if the TX2 under R28.1 has this or not…it might or might not be…if so, then the firmware would still be the missing ingredient…usually downloaded separately from Intel).

Do we have other way to install iwlwifi modules?

This driver is not built-in. You can try to add “CONFIG_IWLWIFI” in kernel/kernel-4.4/arch/arm64/configs/tegra18_defconfig.

Otherwise, you can follow the method in L4T-document to build it from external source.