TX2, Jetpack 3.1, and a PCN


We manufacture and sell security equipment for use by govermental agencies. Each system has got 3 to 5 custom TX2 boards with custom UBoot and Kernel. As these systems have been officially certified we are still on Jetpack 3.1.

However, the latest shipment of TX2 modules would not run our certified images, which run fine on older modules. Our distributor pointed us to PCN 206440, which requires us to update our images.

In order to keep the necessary changes to the absolute minimum I’d like to ask if there is a minimum patchset that I could apply to our UBoot, Kernel etc in order be compatible to newer TX2 modules. I’d like to avoid changes to the userspace completely. My goal is to reduce update and recertification efforts.

Frank-Christian Krügel

Hi fchk,

We don’t have the patch to support the JetPack 3.1 which is L4T 28.1.
The most close one is for JetPack 3.3.2/L4T 28.3.2, you can find the overlay patch from below link to see if can work:
Linux for Tegra R28.3.2 | NVIDIA Developer

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