TX2 JetPack4.5 update

Hello,I want to udpdate Jetpack4.5 from JetPack2.0 on TX2. But I meet same problomes. I can’t update success,now.
"sending bct_mb1"is my soft information and process waiting it uintil fail.I don’t know what is probloms and how to solve it.
I hope to getting help that to solve this probloms.
PS: My english is not better.

hello 791200317,

please refer to JetPack Archive | NVIDIA Developer, did you mean JetPack-2.0, the L4T version is R23.1 ?
JetPack-2.0 did not support Jetson-TX2, could you please have double confirmation your release version.

Sorry,this is my problem.My device is R28,Version is 2.0

I have solved this problem. The virtual machine configuration is wrong,So I don’t use virtual machine,now. I can update it.