TX2 kernel crash when power up

I’m running tx2 jetpack4.2 with our carrier board,I got kernel crash when system start.
log:tx2-crash.txt (40.3 KB)
could someone please tell me what happened…


hello suchb,

may I know what’s the customization you had done?
it seems like power regulator access failure for the display.

[    7.241830] CPU: 2 PID: 1 Comm: swapper/0 Not tainted 4.9.140 #110
[    7.241833] Hardware name: quill (DT)
[    7.241837] task: ffffffc1ecb30000 task.stack: ffffffc1ecb38000
[    7.241843] PC is at bpmp_trywait+0x19c/0x1a8
[    7.241847] LR is at bpmp_trywait+0x19c/0x1a8


[    8.040418] tegra_nvdisp_handle_pd_enable: Failed to unpowergate Head0 pd
[    8.047230] tegradc 15210000.nvdisplay: tegra_dc_unpowergate_locked: could not unpowergate -22
[   11.337639] tegra_bpmp_send_receive() down_timeout return -62
[   11.343418] tch_free 0x0 to_complete 0x7

could you please review which property is missing here, tegra_bpmp_send_receive()
you may have a quick try to disable that function call for issue narrow down.

thinks Jerry,

our carrier board has no power management ic.
I will do some test according to your suggestions.

Hi, @JerryChang
It’s hard to me to find out what casued kernel crash.
nvdisplay@15210000 {
avdd_hdmi-supply = <&spmic_ldo7>;
avdd_hdmi_pll-supply = <&spmic_sd2>;
vdd_hdmi_5v0-supply = <&vdd_hdmi>;
could you please tell me what does this three power supply mean: spmic_ldo7 spmic_sd2 vdd_hdmi. and do these three power sources should be given by the carrier board?


hello suchb,

you may refer to Topic 169608 for an example of the definition in device tree to indicate the regulator names and its voltage.

Hi, I have changed the three vdd supply to “battery_reg” still got kernel crash, I am sure the crash is related to our custom carrier board, but I don’t know what part caused crash.the hdmi display power supply from our board is correct and stable.
could you please guide me to clear this issue?

How about you disable the display controller and see if you still have other crash first?

Disable all the nvdisplay node inside your device tree.

@WayneWWW disable display still have the same crash.
log tx2-crash-without-display.txt (75.7 KB)

It looks like missing the pmic is causing lots of driver crashed.

From latest log, I see

tegra_uart_probe → UART driver
tegra_pcie_save_device → PCIe
eqos_probe → ethernet

I don’t think you should try to resolve this issue from software part but hardware side.

Thanks ,WayneWWW

I know this is a hardware issue, because many of the same custom carrier board worked fine,only this carrier board caused crash.
is there a way to find what specific part of this carrier board is broken?
and is pmic inside or outside tx2? pmic must be given by custom carrier board?

I’m not familiar with hardware.

PMIC is in the module, you can test the module with good carrier board to make sure if the module is good.

If it is a issue of this custom carrier board only, you should check with your hardware engineer to investigate since it is hard to get result from software side.