TX2:Keyboard and Mouse can't used after Jetpack updation

I recently bought TX2, then I install the ubuntu which the TX2 taken immediately. The keyboard and mouse are available.
However, when I finished Jetpack updation through JetPack-L4T-3.2-linux-x64_b196, the instaltion was finished and the vedio was fine, but the keyboard and mouse were lost.I repeated the updation and useless.
I am confused and cant do anything on it.

Do you share the same problem with this user?

Hi WayneWWW
I connected the user and waited to be answered.
I have some common questions: where is the jetpack’s log?


Why do you need jetpack log? It should under the folder of your jetpack.

May I ask the detail usecase? Are you using a USB hub?

I want to read log because i don’t know where the error is.
I didn’t use a hub, i connect the keyboard and mouse in two usb sort apart


Jetpack log only has those logs for installation package or L4T BSP. If you want to check the log of usb device after your system is up. Please use command “dmesg” and check if any log appears after you plug your usb device.

Further check:

  1. Reboot the tx2 and see if issue is gone.
  2. If Jetpack3.2 has error, could you try it with Jetpack3.1 and see if usb can work on previous release or not?

FYI, it sounds like this is not an install error, but something else. ssh should still get you in if you know the IP address. Your router can tell you this (or your PC if it acts as a router).

Also, be sure to not use any VM in the flash process.

It is a install error that I downloaded the jetson pack in my mounted disk, maybe it leads some error during the flash.
I downloaded the jetson pack in the disk where the ubuntu system is this time, and the usb driver of TX2 is fine.