tx2 mipi error

I’m testing a camera module and face some problems.
Other camera modules work well on my TX2 board but when i try to capture image with the camera module, mipi error occurs.
output of the camera is 720p 30fps.
I took the picture of HSync signal of the camera, it seems somewhat strange.
Hsync doesn’t rise uniformly, and i think camera maker remove every third hsync signal to reduce resolution 1080 to 720.
the maker says that the camera has no problem and other customers use well.
actually the maker’s 1080p camera works well on my tx2.
only the 720p camera makes mipi error.
is it possible this hsync pattern cause mipi error on tx2?


by the way, how can i display photo on the text area?
i can update only as attachments style…

What’s the waveform of this maker’s 1080p camera working on TX2? You can compare them to find out difference first.