TX2 Module Label - Meaning of the Part Number?

In version 1.5.1 of the TX2 Series Module Data Sheet, the image of the TX2 label shows a P/N: 135-0730-000 R5

Version 1.6 of the TX2 Series Data Sheet, the image of the TX2 module label shows a P/N: 135-0807-001 R2

The Revision History for ver 1.6 indicates the TX2 Module marking was updated

Is the part number shown on the label just represent the part number of the label itself?
Or is it some other part number in the assembly hierarchy?

It’s label p/n for customer。

I have 2 Jetson TX2 modules with the following part numbers:
135-0807-001 R2
135-0807-000 R2
Is there a difference between the two?