TX2 module will get stuck when upgrading and cannot proceed downwards. Please refer to the attachment for printing information

Our customers use TX2 module for development. About 10 of 102 TX2 modules will get stuck when loading the operating system upgrade. TX2 that cannot be upgraded has different printing information. Please help analyze why it gets stuck, thank you

By “loading” it looks like you mean flashing. Can we verify you are not performing simultaneous multiple flashes, and that each of these occurs one at a time?

It is important to know if the host PC is a VM or not. VMs fail quite often just like this and are not officially supported. The reason for this is that during a flash the USB repeatedly disconnects and reconnects, and unless the VM is set up correctly, a reconnect often fails (and the Jetson has no control over that).

Another thing to consider is the host PC should be Ubuntu 18.04. Technically 16.04 is supported, but few people use this, and among those who do, I’d say we sometimes get this problem fixed by using 18.04 instead of 16.04.

If these are dev kits, then they came with a micro-B USB cable. These should always be of sufficient quality, and if using a third party cable (especially one sold as a “charger” cable), then consider that charger cables almost always fail under larger sustained data transfers…they trim too many corners (or copper strands) and are marginal at best. Are the cables used known working, such as highly tested or the dev kit cable?

Are these using the dev kit carrier board, or is it a third party carrier? This would not technically change if there is a USB error, but this would be needed information if this is a failure for reasons other than the above.

Also, you’d want to name which release is being flashed.

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
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We need more detail about your issue

  1. Are they on custom carrier board or nv devkit?

  2. Which jetpack are you using to flash these boards?

It is also possible that some modules are using different emmc and dram. It means even if they are all tx2 modules, their config files are different. Such cases would cause error if you use some new tx2 modules on old software release.