TX2 no display after 0 MB free space

My jetson tx2 seem to have run to out of space.After booting ubnuntu boots ,but no login screen or anything appears.How to free up disk space since i cant login.
Is there any alternate way through serial console or terminal access for login.

Press Ctrl+Alt+F2.

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Some logins might require a temp file, and if no space exists for the temp, then no login. Serial console is always logged in though.

You could clone, edit the clone, and then flash re-using the clone instead of a generated system.img.

I don’t know if a temp file is required for certain non-login ssh operations, but here is an example of using ssh without login to perform the “ls” command from a host:

ssh ubuntu@what_the_IP_is 'ls'

Extending this, if you know there is a large file named “foobar” in ubuntu’s home directory, then you could remove like this:

ssh ubuntu@what_the_IP_is 'rm /home/ubuntu/foobar'

In theory, if “ls” works, then so would “ls -l”, giving you directory content and size…should this work, then you can find candidate files for removal and rm remotely without login:

ssh ubuntu@what_the_IP_is 'ls -l'

Are you able to run “ls” via ssh without login?