TX2 NooB: ML libraries, external storage, Anaconda, mini-iTX case question

I just picked up a couple of Jetson TX2 SDKs, and I’m completely new to the platform. I’m hoping there’s an FAQ or link somewhere addresses these points.

I bought them with the intention of getting a small GPU-equipped box for ML development.

// 1 // I thought I’d understood correctly that the TX2 SDK came preloaded with ML libraries, cuDNN, etc. I’m getting the idea now I’m going to get the Jetpack to pick up what I’m looking for.

If that’s correct, fine; I’m just trying to avoid installing something unneeded.

// 2 // I’d like to attach external storage. Ease and stability of setup is more important than anything else – I’d like to avoid burning weekends and evenings chasing quirky drivers etc.

// 3 // I’d like to put Anaconda on the TX2 w/ Keras over TF-GPU. Pros and cons?

// 4 // Any mini-iTX case specifically a better fix for the TX2 than the others?

Thanks – and I’ll keep searching the forums as well.

I would suggest flashing to the latest L4T R28.1 version even if you had other software. The updates are significant in many ways.

Most any external storage works if you are not booting directly from the external storage. For example, you can just add a SATA drive, USB drive, or SD card and mount to “/usr/local” for many situations (but if you depend on what is there don’t yank a removable device without preparing).

Don’t know about Anaconda. Haven’t shopped for the relevant mini-ITX cases.

OK, I’ll read up on how to flash the Jetpack. Thank you.

Thanks for the advisement on the SATA. I didn’t think it would be an issue, but it’s amazing how much time you can sometimes burn getting supposedly easy stuff to work.

Appreciate your help, very much.