background: carrier board ,jetpack4.5 , dp hdmi double out put
question:When I link the DP interface, I can’t boot normally. When I link only HDMI, everything is normal.

boot log

t.log (92.5 KB)

device tree

Uploading: extracted.dts…

Please remove quite inside extlinux.conf and dump the log again.

Also, your device tree seems failed to upload.

The new file is below. I don’t understand the part of DP driver. Please help to see what the problem is
extracted.dts (495.6 KB)
serial_2021-11-12_15_44_42.log (223.3 KB)

You didn’t give any windows to your 15220000.nvdisplay.

Set win-mask to 0x7 instead of 0

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thank you very much, it’s work.

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