TX2 not detected as usb

I tried connecting TX2 with microUSB port connected to x86 system machine using jetson TX2 cable… but using that connection TX2 is not enumerated in the linux x86 machine… i checked lsusb command TX2 is not showing in that list… i am using microUSB port in TX2 to connect it to host PC(x86) using original jetson cable

Was this while the Jetson was fully booted? Or when in recovery mode? Recovery mode will always show up, but a fully booted system would only show up if the service for acting as a device is running. The default for that service is to run.

As a test, if you monitor “dmesg --follow” on your host PC, then plug in the USB cable, what do you see for new log lines? When plugged in to the PC, from the PC, what do you see from “lsusb -d '0955:'”? The latter basically identifies all NVIDIA USB devices.

now it is showing as usb device… actually i wanted to change the product id and vendor id…right now it is showing the default vendor id and device id…how to change that?

That is not possible to change. It is part of the hardware itself.

Note: You could use udev to change the device listing in many ways on a particular Linux host PC.

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