Hi everyone,
I’ve recently been working with the Jetson TX2 NX Series Pinmux Table.
When I include the gpio.dtsi generated by said excel file as is the dts generation process fails.

I’ve noticed that if I replace the TEGRA_GPIO macro by the TEGRA_MAIN_GPIO and TEGRA_AON_GPIO macros, the dts generation process succeeds (I also replace tegra-gpio.h with tegra186-gpio.h)

I just wanted to double check with Nvidia if this replacements are indeed correct (they look correct to me and I’ve seen those macros used in several tegra186 dtsi files).

Best Regards,
Juan Pablo.

hello juan.tettamanti,

you should use correct GPIO header file for your platform.
it’s tegra-gpio.h for TX1 and Nano series, tegra186-gpio.h for TX2 series, and tegra194-gpio.h for Xavier series.

Hello @JerryChang,
Thanks for the response.
It would be nice if the next revision of the pinmux generation spredsheet fixed those little details.

Best Regards,
Juan Pablo.

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