TX2 NX SPI CS issues

When using the SPI CS0, the signal sometimes blips causing communication errors. See my image. What can be the issue? Thanks

It looks like CS0 pin is affected/controlled by other process. Have you checked if such other process exists and captured the waveform with scope?

I haven’t captured on a scope yet but I’m pretty sure it’s not another process. It works reliably if I let the cpu “warm” up… Something fishy with the hardware.

I’m using a TX2 NX with Xavier NX dev kit.


Actually it gets better when I probe the SPI lines… I’ve heard people having issues with the 1.8 to 3.3 level translator on these dev kits. Can this be the issue I’m seeing?

It could be the level shift. You can check below 40-pin docs for reference. And what do you mean “using TX2 NX with Xavier dev kit”? They are not compatible.


Sorry I meant Xavier NX dev kit. Thanks

Same like TX2 NX as there are such level shift on Xavier NX board too.

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