TX2 NX UART ttyTHS2 problem

TX2 NX /dev/ttyTHS2

i would like to use ttyTHS2 as a general-purpose serial port,but ttyTHS2 seems to be set up as a console, when you try to send data to it ,it will return “command not found” could you tell me what might be causing this issue?
/etc/systemd/nvgetty.sh is ok

we use tegra186-p3636-0001-p3509-0000-a01.dts

when the board is powered on the ttyTHS2 will print some boot-up information before uboot starts

Hi 605565756,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for TX2-NX?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

Could you share the steps how you performed this?

and also share the full dmesg for further check.

we are using a custom-designed baseplate,the core module is using a P3636. I believe its unrelated to the baseplate Jetpack version:R32.7.4. we have a real console port, ttyTHS2 would like to be a general-purpose serial port.

when the board power on ,ttyTHS2 will print information like this
chip_revision initialized
speedo initialized
dt initialized
clk_init_mrq: mrq handler registered
383 clocks registered
clock initialized
reset initialized
i2c5 controller initialized
i2c10 controller initialized
initialized i2c mrq handling
i2c initialized
thermal initialized
fuse initialized
soctherm initialized
aotag initialized
cvc initialized
regulator initialized
dvs initialized
t186_dvs initialized
pm initialized
tegra186_reset initialized
uart initialized
sku_init: not sku 00
sku initialized
modules initialized
tag initialized
avfs_clk_platform initialized
parse_possible_parent_table: pllp_bb not in allowed parent table for axi_cbb
clock_dt initialized
powergate initialized
avfs_gpu initialized
clock_gpu initialized
debugfs_mrq initialized
emc initialized
gpmu2bpmp initialized
mc_init_mrq: mrq handler registered
mc initialized
pg_mrq initialized
pg_legacy_mrq initialized
pm_post initialized
ppm initialized
uphy_dt initialized
uphy initialized
mrq initialized
tag is 91572a54614f84d0fd0c270beec2c56f
tag_lateinit initialized
clock_debugfs initialized
thermal_test initialized
avfs_clk_platform_post initialized
avfs_debugfs initialized
clock_pto initialized
cvc_dt initialized
debugfs_cons_init initialized
dvs_debugfs initialized
rm initialized
edp initialized
gboost initialized
powergate_debug initialized
regulator_post initialized
sku_debugfs initialized
speedo_debugfs initialized
soctherm_debug initialized
aotag_hsm initialized
sc7_diag initialized
starting app shell
entering main console loop

if you send a data to ttyTHS2 it will return “command not found”

[Com COM18] (2024-02-02_102703).log (145.5 KB)
this file is real console print and dmesg information,

我看 dev/ttyTHS2一上上电就直接打印了我上面贴出的信息连uboot都还没有进入感觉像是在引导程序里面就把ttyTHS2(serila@28000)设置为了console口 我在文件系统里面找了很久没发现有使用ttyTHS2.我在这个论坛上面看好像人家的ttyTHS2是能够正常使用的 但是网上也有人遇到了我一样的问题但是没有看到解决方法 我是在官网直接下载的SDK,核心板是买的底板是我司自己设计的 我现在是直接将串口的ttl电平接到电脑的 应该和底板没有关系 应该是原始的SDK问题 board 选择的是jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-tx2-nx.conf

Could you try if the following command could help for your case?

$ sudo systemctl stop nvgetty.service
$ sudo systemctl disable nvgetty.service

YES i have tried it before its useless

its ok now need fix Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/tegra186-bpmp-p3636-0001-a00-00.dtb

dtc -I dtb -o dts tegra186-bpmp-p3626-0001-a00-00.dtb -o tegra186-bpmp-p3626-0001-a00-00.dtb
serial {
port= <0x03>;
dtc -I dts -o dtb -o tegra186-bpmp-p3626-0001-a00-00.dtb tegra186-bpmp-p3626-0001-a00-00.dts

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