TX2 on dev board ?only? for dev board

I’m in the process of changing from a TK1 to a TX2 and when I got it, I noticed the TX2 had a sticker on it that said it was only for use on the dev kit board - I ask because I already know other carriers will be in my near future and want to know if this sticker == “Permanent Lab Equipment”

I think this just means it was set up for the dev board and wasn’t sold to be removed and resold as a part of another product. It comes with an o/s on it, whereas the ones sold as separate modules (and possibly to be embedded in some other commercial product using a custom carrier) don’t have the o/s.

Makes sense - of course, the first thing you do with a dev board is go get jetpack and blow everything away, so I just wasn’t sure - I should probably preserve this puppy for the lab as using the TK1 as a lab reference would probably end poorly - I was really hoping for ‘cause we got extra debug fingers into this one’ :-)

Hi markmmullin, the sticker is for safety purposes so it the module isn’t inadvertantly removed from the devkit baseboard, namely when AC power is still applied. With the power disconnected, you are able to remove the module using Torx Security Bits and mount it on another carrier of your choice.