TX2 on screen keyboard couldn't display

1: plugin usb touchsreen, Ubuntu can be operated by operating the touch screen;
2: setup–>universal access–>typing–>on screen keyboard(ON);
3:I open “chromium web browser”, “terminal”, “libreoffice” and so on, but on screen keyboard couldn’t display, so I couldn’t type any words.

If I want to use on screen keyboard, what do I need to do?


We don’t have experience on running this kind of device. Maybe certain drivers/configs have to be enabled. Other users may share experience.


sudo apt-get install onboard

@DaneLLL , In-build virtual keyboard for Gnome, woks well with desktop/laptop computers, but doesn’t work at all on the TX2 after upgrading it to 18.04. Are there any differences in the build between L4T and regular ubuntu18.04 with ref to virtual keyboard.

The inbuilt virtual keyboard (onbaord) worked great with previous versions of LT4, on the newer ones using onboard hangs a lot.


Please check