TX2 pcie connects to dsp for data transmission,how to drive the pcie on tx2

i am working on tx2 board, i want to send data to a dsp board via pcie.
i have no idea how to make it.
is there any basic routine templates(code) for this work?
if not ,can you tell me the main step to use the pcie to send data?

That’s a very very big topic. I probably can’t answer completely, but do you already have a PCIe card and you want to build a driver for that card? Or are you building your own PCIe card as well?

Basically there is no template per se, although the kernel has example drivers. The PCIe spec itself is owned by this group:

I don’t actually have a lot I can contribute for the topic, but you’ll need to provide a much more detailed description of what hardware and software components you already have. The learning curve can be steep and time consuming if you are starting from scratch. Entire books are written on the topic for just the hardware, and other entire books on the topic of software.

@linuxdev thank you for your answer.
sorry,i am a novice at these things, i have the tx2 a board,and its Peripheral Interface board. do you mean i need another pcie card if i want to use it? or if i want to use it ,what software and hardware do i need to get?
thanks again.

Are you designing a PCIe card? Or do you have a PCIe card, but lack a driver? If you have a PCIe card, could you describe what that card is?

The PCIe slot is standard and drivers are already in place for the physical interface at the Jetson side. The part which is very hard to answer is anything related to what driver might be needed for the end point, and whether you already have an end point needing a driver or not.

Because you mention template I am wondering if you are building a custom driver.

sorry, i have only a tx2 board without anything, so i have no idea how to get start.
what’s the first step i should do?
the and point is DSP, i just want to transmit datas to DSP form tx2 via PCIE ports.

Designing and building PCIe hardware, and then writing drivers would be an extraordinary task. PCIe bus analyzers alone cost a fortune. Do you have a particular DSP you must use? If so, then maybe more information on that DSP would help (e.g., specs to look up). If not, then you could just get a DSP which is already PCIe form factor.