TX2, pcie, extend 2 ethernet, How to do it?

I use PCIe0 to extend 2 Ethernet(RJ45) port, using RTL8111E,

  1. What is the connections between the TX2 and the RTL8111E?

  2. what should I do with the software?

Hi qiusihai,

RTL8111E is a driver for your new ethernet card. As you can install it on x86 linux, it is basically the same as on tx2.


I use PEX_RX0_AP_P/N and PEX_CLK0_P/N. Why there is “No Device detected” message?

It is not clear from this thread whether you are using Nvidia provided base board or you are using a custom base board.

  1. If you are using Nvidia designed base board, can you please confirm that it is able to enumerate other devices ( just to make sure that the board has not gone bad) and the issue is only with this card?
  2. If you are using a custom base board, can you please confirm if you are able to get any other device detected with this base board?

I use a new base board. I figure out the problem.