TX2 pcie fastest speed

backgroud: TX2 Jetpack4.2 PCIE4x1
My current speed is only 1.4Gbyte, which doesn’t seem to match PCIE’s theoretical speed.What is the fastest speed?

Can you share details how you are measuring throughput?
Are you getting better perf on none nvidia platform?

tested connection:Xlinx FPGA---->TX2
TX2 receive data and calculate speed
This is custom for tx2 , so i can’t test in other platform

This is closer to what you could achieve max on this platform (max being 12.7 Gbps). Although 20Gbps is the theoretical maximum for a Gen-2 and x4 PCIe link, there are protocol overheads like 8b/10b conversion, flow control mechanism and packet header overheads because of which the achievable actual bandwidth would be less and in case of TX2, it is calculated to be 12.7 Gbps and your value (1.4GB * 8 = 11.2Gbps) is closer to it.

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