tx2 post-processing capabilities (denoise/sharpen/video-stabilization/defog)


It would be helpful for me to know the expected capabilities in the TX2.

From what I’ve gathered from testing:

  1. on TX1 JP3.1, both denoise/sharpening work when using a postProcess flag of false in Argus, and are adjustable

  2. on TX2 JP3.1, both denoise/sharpening work when using a postProcess flag of false in Argus, but sharpening seems stuck at its max value while denoise is adjustable. Denoise on TX2 seems to do a better job than TX1 but tends to desaturate the colors pretty strongly.

  3. video stabilization doesn’t seem to do anything. Is this expected? Is there a specific configuration for it other than setting Video Stabilization mode to “VIDEO_STABILIZATION_MODE_ON”?

  4. defog, haven’t tried but thought I’d ask before going too much further.

It would be helpful to know what features are simply not going to be supported on this platform, which ones to expect to be activated with new software upgrades, and which ones are already active but I’m not using properly.

The ISP logic is different for TX1 and TX2 the quality have litter different should not be a problem.
The Video Stabilization is not support will remove from the UI in future’s release.


OK makes sense on the video stabilization as I wasn’t seeing a difference.

On the TX2, the denoising does what I think it should do (you can enable it, it goes from 0-1 with 1 being stronger denoising).

For edge enhancement, the behavior seems like it is broken to me. When the setting is between 0 and 1 it seems a little sharper but very noisy, with no real change seen when adjusting between 0 and 1. When you set it to negative -0.2 or below, the noise seems to go away. And all of this seems to be unaffected by whether the edge enhancement mode is in fast or off.

I did all these tests using an imx274 from Leopard plugged into a nvidia devBoard using the TX2 JP 3.2.

The denoising seems to work quite well, but I need to have some sharpening control, as for well-lit scenes sharpening is useful, but when running in low light situations, the sharpening can overemphasize noise so I’d like to gradually change sharpening/denoising as illumination levels change.

The Edge Enhance problem on TX2 is know issue will fixed by next release.

Hi Shane,

Do you know if edge enhancement is fixed in the 3.2 developer preview release?


Chris Richardson

No, but the office 3.2 will have it.

Hi Shane,

Thank you for the quick response. I’ll be glad to try it when the final 3.2 release is available.


Chris Richardson

Besides flowing interface about namespace Argus,has other functions or interfaces to bed used for Defog??

namespace Argus
40 {
49 DEFINE_UUID(ExtensionName, EXT_DE_FOG, 9cf05bd0,1d99,4be8,8732,75,99,55,7f,ed,3a);
50 namespace Ext
51 {
60 DEFINE_UUID(InterfaceID, IID_DE_FOG_SETTINGS, 9cf05bd1,1d99,4be8,8732,75,99,55,7f,ed,3a);
61 class IDeFogSettings : public Interface
62 {
63 public:
64 static const InterfaceID& id() { return IID_DE_FOG_SETTINGS; }
70 virtual void setDeFogEnable(bool enable) = 0;
75 virtual bool getDeFogEnable() const = 0;
81 virtual Status setDeFogAmount(float amount) = 0;
86 virtual float getDeFogAmount() const = 0;
93 virtual Status setDeFogQuality(float quality) = 0;
98 virtual float getDeFogQuality() const = 0;
100 protected:
101 ~IDeFogSettings() {}
102 };
104 } // namespace Ext
106 } // namespace Argus

Only argus API for this now.