TX2 power light is on, but can not open

Hello, the power light of NVIDIA TX2 is on, but pressing the start button can’t start it, and pressing reset does not respond. I would like to ask, how to solve this, can guide your solution or need maintenance.

Let me tell you what happened. I have a lot of TX2 blocks for the project. Yesterday, I removed one of the configured TX2 from the development board, and then changed and installed the other on itAt the beginning, there was a time when I couldn’t open it. Later, I restarted it. After that, I tried again, but the power light was on. Pressing any button on TX2 did not respond. I don’t know if the TX2 chip is not secure, or where the development version burned or entered what protection mode? I’m very eager to get an answer, because this TX2 board has a project to use.

Now I am very sure that the core board of TX2 chip is not broken, because I can use it on other TX2 development versions. Now it looks like the development is powered on, but it can’t be started by pressing the button. There is no response. I smell it. It doesn’t smell burnt.


Then it sounds like one carrier board is broken but the module is fine.