TX2 power on reset

i am using TX2 4GB in my product and facing an issue below
TX2 restarts and i am getting power on reset randomly

i have monitored 12V power input to PMIC and found no issue like under or over voltage.
let me know the probable reason that i can check.
below is the message i received
tegra-pmc: ### PMC reset source: TEGRA_POWER_ON_RESET

I won’t be able to answer, but some things you will want to post would be:

  • The L4T release installed (see “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”)
  • What program might be running at the time.
  • What hardware is attached (e.g., actual monitor and local login, if it is a custom carrier board, perhaps some unusual USB device, a USB HUB…powered or unpowered, so on).
  • If you run something like htop ("sudo apt-get install htop") or tegrastats and have a list from the final output of that before reboot it would be useful…you’d of course need to use something like serial console, or sometimes ssh, to have the information stay visible after a reboot. If you were to start a serial console when the system is up and running, and log the activity with something like “dmesg --follow” or tegrastats, then the serial console would capture what goes on even at the moment of crash or reboot…which would be very valuable debug information.

Do note that there does tend to be a sensitivity to voltage stability over very short times which you would not see with a voltmeter. One of the reasons for the above questions is to determine what might be drawing power.