TX2 power rail relationships

After much searching through the Product Design Guides, Thermal Design Guides and forums, I’m still not entirely clear on the relationship between the VDD_IN and VDD_MUX power rails on both the TX2 and TX1 models. Table 90 in the PDG indicates that both are sourced from the main power input/supply. Does this mean they are in parallel, or does one supply the other (e.g., does VDD_IN supply VDD_MUX)?

I’m using the INA3221 power sensors to measure power consumption on different Jetson devices. For each model, I’m trying to determine an appropriate default subset of sensors to aggregate readings from into a single value without double-counting. For example, if I understand the power tree correctly, VDD_SYS_[CPU,GPU,SOC] and VDD_[DDR,WIFI] are all supplied by VDD_IN, so I wouldn’t aggregate their readings with VDD_IN.

Thanks in advance!

VDD_MUX is from DC jack to carrier board. VDD_IN is from DC jack to module.

Thank you for your reply. To be clear – the VDD_MUX and VDD_IN power rails are in parallel with each other? In other words, if I sum the power values from the two INA3221 channels, I’ll be aggregating the power used by the carrier board and the module (I won’t be double-counting any power)?

They are in parallel.

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