TX2 + Qualcomm MDM LTE module card is compatible ?

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We would like to know if we want use TX2 to connect with Qualcomm MDM LTE module card via USB interface, is it compatible or any rick will occur ??

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What driver does it normally use on a desktop PC? Does this also require firmware? If it is an ordinary kernel feature, then chances are it will compile on arm64. If the driver is provided separately from the kernel, then it might work, but odds go down significantly. So far as the USB side goes there should not be any issues, it’s the driver to the chipset itself which is in question.

The Qualcomm modules generally use the Gobi (QMI) interface.
Linux has some support for this interface:

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As i know, Qualcomm MDM might be linux yocto system, I’d like to double check whether TX2 also support linux yocto ?


The module runs Yocto internally, but that doesn’t affect the TX2 (or any other system using it) at all.

All that matters is the ability to load the qmi_wwan driver, and use libqmi or something similar to configure it and bring up the interface.

There is some chance that the QMI driver is not enabled by default in the TX2 kernel build, and thus you need to download the kernel sources, and add it to the configuration, and then re-build and install that module (or re-flash the TX2 with the kernel+module built.)