TX2 R28.1 console output "extcon-gpio-states"

Hi all,
TX2 use R28.1 BSP version, the console output “extcon-gpio-states external-connection:extcon@1: Cable state 2” per second.Is anything wrong with USB?

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Example XOTG Debugging prints
After enabling debugging prints, one can see the following important debugging info:

OTG FSM transition
FSM variables change which causes the FSM state to change
port role change (undefined, peripheral, or host)
OTG timers state (started, cancelled, or expired)

Here are example logs when a normal Type-A to micro-B cable is connected between an SDP host port and T186:

VBUS is detected by extcon:

[10300.284110] extcon-gpio-states external-connection:extcon@1: Cable state 1
[10300.291025] tegra-xotg xotg: update_vbus_state: VBUS detected

This is another example when a Type-B to Type-A receptacle with USB drive is connected to OTG port:

extcon detects ID pin is grounded:

[ 9486.032081] extcon-gpio-states external-connection:extcon@1: Cable state 2
[ 9486.039042] tegra-xotg xotg: update_id_state: ID grounded
[ 9486.044582] tegra-xotg xotg: IDDIG changed: 0 (ID:0)
[ 9486.049553] tegra-xotg xotg: IDDIG -> A_IDLE