TX2 R28.1 - Should I use tegra-gpio.h or tegra186-gpio.h

Following the instructions for pinmux’ing generates a config file and 3 dtsi files. I’m assuming these dtsi files are to be included in the dts for the kernel that is to be generated for the kernel. I noticed when I tried to include them in the default tegra186-quill-p3310-1000-c03-00-base.dts that dtc couldn’t resolve tegra-gpio.h. I quickly determined the reason, it seems the include guards for tegra-gpio.h and tegra186-gpio.h are identical. Is this intentional? It means you cannot include both files even though the contents don’t conflict. What’s the intended use of the 3 dtsi files generated by the pinmux spreadsheet?

hello dthompson,

you should use tegra186-gpio.h since you’re working with TX2.
please also refer to [Release 28.1 Development Guide]-> [U-Boot Customization]-> [TX2 Configuring Pinmux GPIO and PAD] for your own customization.