Tx2 r32.3.1 pwm_fan.c requires vdd-fan

custom board vdd-fan is not connected to anything, but if I remove vdd-fan from the device tree I get FAN: coudln’t get the regulator.

Also jetson_stats.service gets IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/sys/devices/pwm-fan/temp_control’

There should be a .config or device tree entry to remove vdd-fan from pwm_fan.c to make it more flexable.

jtop fails to run if I get the FAN: coudln’t get the regulator, nice spelling job.


Hi @terrysu50z,

I notice from this topic this issue for custom boards: Jtop can't run on custom carrier board

I will release a release today (night from my TZ)

Can you please send me the output of this command:
ls -l /sys/devices/pwm-fan/


Sorry, I put vdd-fan back into my device tree, so the ls will show every thing you want. Do you have access to a machine, just comment out the vdd-fan in the device tree and check the status of jetson_stats.service it will tell you that the IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/sys/devices/pwm-fan/temp_control’ which means that the temp_control file is not there.

A solution, I was able to move vdd-fan and vdd-usb2-5v to other gpio pins and jtop is happy and usb is happy, but if you remove them jtop and usb will have major problems,

Nvidia should address a solution for these gpio definitions. Only the names are important, on my custom board they were attached to different devices and they still worked. When I moved them I moved them to unused gpio ports and the system is up and running with no errors.


Hi @terrysu50z,
I just release a new jetson-stats v3.0.1.
it should fix this bug, keep me posted if you have other issues. Thank you for your explanation, useful for me that I never used a custom carrier board :-)

To update write in your shell:
sudo -H pip install -U jetson-stats