TX2 Raw14 Image data support

Hi All,

I want to understand driver path to support RAW14 MIPI CSI input on TX2. where can I get information?


Please download the l4t-document and check the “Sensor Driver Programming Guide”

Hello ShaneCCC,

Thanks for reply, I have downloaded sensor driver programming guide, checked flow. there OV5693
given as reference driver.that is for raw bayer format. I want to understand path for RAW14 as well
as for YUV sensor on TX2 platform. Is there any reference driver available?


I check the vi driver …/kernel/kernel-4.4/drivers/media/platform/tegra found the VI driver not support RAW14 yet. Sorry for confusing.


Thanks for confirmation, Is there any reference driver available for YUV sensor with TX2

You can reference to the tc358840.

does VI driver support RAW14 now?

Current released version not support it yet.
I think you can add it to try by yourself.