TX2 reboot accessing USB3 SSD drive

I having issue using an USB3 SSD drive with a TX2 on a ConnectTech Spacely carrier board (running jetpack 4.2.1 with the related BSP).
This hard drive works well with 2 notebooks.
After connecting the drive, if I try to access the filesystem the board hangs for a bit a then reboots itself.
The same does not happen with a USB3 pendrive.

Does anybody have experienced something like that?
It could be a problem of the SSD drive?
Or the problem is much probably related to the TX2/carrier? Maybe related to power?

Thank you!

the syslog attached
syslog.zip (48 KB)

If it is specific to the ConnectTech Spacely carrier board, you may check to get support from ConnectTech.