Tx2 restores rm-rf files

I accidentally deleted the /home/usr directory with “rm -rf” , is there any way to restore it? my code in there!!!

Very important. Ask for help!!!

Not sure if below can help.

thank you very much , i’try it

ok, i not work. i had found it before, it just recommends me use trash cmd.

Never tried this (I’ve never rm’d home), but do you still have ssh access? If you do, then you might be able to use scp/sftp/ssh to recreate the content. The trouble is that you need to have content to put in place.

Note that in ssh even if your user’s home is missing the user will login elsewhere. That user can then use sudo or cp or whatever is needed. The best thing is if you have a copy of “/home” content somewhere else already. If not, then we might be able to come up with a command to put in a default home content.

Do you still have ssh login ability, and do you have some reference copy of “/home” you want to use?