TX2 set device tree's usb lane mapping to configuration #4

Hi vcip,
We have confirmed the steps to update dtb working well on both r28.1 and r28.2.1. With the one-line change, you can see

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ xxd /proc/device-tree/pinctrl@3520000/vbus-2-supply
00000000: 0000 009c


nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ xxd /proc/device-tree/pinctrl@3520000/vbus-2-supply
00000000: 0000 001a

In adaptation guide, you can find how to update ODMDATA:

3. Lane allocation can be performed by either ODMDATA, in p2771-0000.conf.common by default, or
     allocate to UPHY to each
     client in the bpmp-dtb file.
     For example:
     - ODMDATA=0x1090000 while flashing for Jetson TX2 for Configuration #2
     - ODMDATA=0x90000 for Configuration #1
     - ODMDATA=0x6090000 for Configuration #3