TX2 SPI Userspace API (spidev module) on J120 Carrier Board


We run the TX2 on a J120 carrier board.

To have USB3 access we need to flash the firmware (kernel and patch v1.6) obtained from the Auvideo website.

However, there is no spidev module installed, therefore no userspace SPI support provided.

To retrieve IMU data from the J120, we run the RTIMULib software and this only works when the spidev module is installed manually.

Is there a way that to flash firmware on our boards with the spidev module pre-installed?

I can build the default kernel and apply the device tree patches for the J120, however there may be some incompatibilities with the J120. I don’t know what the differences between the J120 kernel and default Jetson TX2 kernel are.

Does anyone know how to access the J120 kernel sources?

Any help offered is appreciated.



I managed to build the sources retrieved from


and then update the relevant dts and dtsi files in the J120 FW update.

This all builds and runs okay on the J120 and I can add the spidev module into the build.

Nice! Thanks for sharing.