TX2 SPI working with an Arduino Slave but not a Gyro Sensor

Hello all, thanks in advance for any insight. I compiled the spidev and got the loopback test working. I can talk to an Arduino pro mini using the SPI pins on the J21 header including the chip select. My problem is when I try and talk to a Gyro sensor.

What appears to be happening is that the Arduino is able to drive the MISO line, but the gyro sensors cannot. The TX2 apparently has pull down resistors and the gyro cannot drive the MISO line and I can only read in 0x7f. I confirmed that the signals are all 3.3 volts and the shapes of the signals are reasonable. I also confirmed that I am sending the exact same bytes as successful communication from an Arduino master.

Do I have to somehow configure the SPI device to a different pin mode?

From your description looks like the SPI bus is no problem to access Arduino but Gyro Sensor I suspect it could be the problem on Arduino device board. It’s better to have support from the vendor.

You can talk SPI between the Jetson (acting as SPI Master using SPIDev) and an Arduino (acting as a SPI slave), is that correct? Could you provide the Arduino code? Even if it’s just anything related to the SPI setup on the Arduino.

I would also make sure you’re using the correct SPI Mode http://dlnware.com/theory/SPI-Transfer-Modes a datasheet or product name for the gyro would help too. Chances are this is in the datasheet or user-guide of your gyro.