TX2 struck by lightning

My house has been struck by lightning and got electrical and phone networks involved that burnt various devices. Not only my brand new host, but my TX2 has also been damaged, visually at least the M3295NL isolation chip has burnt:

The HDMI monitor that was connected to TX2 HDMI is out of order.
The TX2 boots, the serial console still works, USB seems ok, but I face the following weird things:

  • Periodic traces in kernel logs of ethernet saying link becomes up or down
  • HDMI devices not working…many I2C errors traces. It seems the correct EDID is read, but most of the time the monitor remains black, sometimes it shows a weird image flashing for a few seconds and lose signal.
  • Sometimes it seems to detect SD card while none is inserted.
  • Any attempt to run nvcamera-deamon results in crash.
  • Last, the TX2 module fans runs (at 80/255) while it didn’t use to run. Internal temperatures are about 45 celsius degrees.

So I come to these questions:
1 - I’m not confident, but is there a chance that the TX2 module is still ok ?
2 - If yes, is it possible to order the carrier board only ?
3 - If not, is there any chance that removing the burnt chip may improve ?
4 - I also have a TX1 kit with an old carrier board (without red LEDs). I had once swapped carrier boards/modules and it was working. Is there a risk that plugging the TX2 module on it can damage the carrier board ?

Thanks for any help

Hi Honey_Patouceul, sorry to hear about your incident, is your devkit still under warranty by chance? If so you may want to try RMA first.

I’m very sorry to hear about that. Typically there are magnetics or other isolation at the connectors for HDMI, ethernet, and USB…so there is a chance the module itself is ok. Still, with the amount of power hitting from a lightning bolt that may not be enough. I don’t have any suggestions on getting a replacement dev board to test with :(

I would try to RMA the devkit. Even if things looks solid, I wouldn’t trust it.

Honey_Patouceul, I feel your pain. I hope everyone in your family is unhurt and doing well. In case you will be looking for a new TX2 DevKit board, I have a spare one available (everything less TX2 module).


Sorry for late update, I’m still fixing my house’s electricity and have not yet recovered internet access.

Thanks to everybody for your kind messages. By chance my children were away that night, there are only material damages.

My TX2 was a pre-release kit, it is more than one year old…not sure it is eligible for RMA, but I’ll try the live chat and see what is possible or not.

@albertr, thank you very much for your proposal. If I cannot get a solution with RMA, I’ll send you a PM.